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Game Sandwich (Game Sandwich, LLC) was founded by a group of industry veterans who wanted to create an inclusive space to share their passion for games without faceless overlords dictating what could or couldn’t be covered. 

We’re here to write hard and clear about the parts of this industry we love so much to you, our fellow enthusiasts, not robots or algorithms. Inspiration and excitement are what lead our content, not money or industry trends.

Aden Carter

& Writer of many things

Scott "Dorian" Roepel

& video producer

Talia Roepel

Social Media Marketer & Editor

Steph Roehler

Social media manager
& writer w/ bonus skills

John Hansen

writer who just won't go away

Jared O'Neill

SEO Manager

Mike Straw


Jesse Lennox

& Team cheerleader

Mike Sriqui

web developer,
Gaming Historian
& writer